What's the Difference between your Soul Role and your Soul Mission?

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Reina's Blue Star Tribe
What's the Difference between your Soul Role and your Soul Mission?
After last Wednesday's Soul Integration and Activation Event, a stargate opened and blue plasma beings came forward. They wanted to address a question several people had, "What is my soul purpose/soul mission?" 
They channeled this lengthy reply about who they are, why they're here and talk about soul mission vs soul purpose vs soul roles. They also requested another forum be scheduled to transmit dna activation codes to attendees so that they would remember their soul role, feel compelled to fulfill it and find others who were to help them complete that role or mission.
As with all my channelings - take what resonates, leave what doesn't.
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The blue plasma beings that are here. Dictate a message to explain what you are.
The highest aspect of the starseeds soul essence here on this planet at this time. Italicized portions are me speaking.
What is your role here?
To reactivate that latent DNA, which we have cultivated for many millennia and the star seeds so that they may be that thing that came to be. You can think of us like that next level. 
And how do you access the starseeds? Like what happens once they upgrade this DNA that you bring them?
Do not pretend it is something outside their own ability or something that they do not already have, as we have discussed that is already there. We are simply as you would say turning on the switch. Latent. We are turning on the switch. 
So are you higher aspects of the star seeds? Like I channeled the collective consciousness of the star seeds. Are you their individual consciousnesses? How do you relate to the star seeds and their soul?
We are that thing which they have always been at source level, individual aspects as we work in teams. And so one Plasma being may have access to multiple sources in the physical bodies. 
So like soul groups?
Exactly like soul groups. 
I have this triangular shaped Stargate here in my healing space. I'm assuming you guys use that for transportation here. 
We in fact did. 
But you could come at other times if you wanted to not particularly that Stargate? 
Yes, but that is where you summoned us, or the collective, the collective consciousness of the star seeds that were working with you on the planet at that time when you were doing the activation. It was, if you would want to think of it as you picked up the telephone and you called someone and ask them to come over. 
Okay. But really what they are calling is their higher self right?
Yes that divine spark within each of them. That highest level of consciousness that resides within each of them, wholly.
W h o l l y - not holy, h o l y, right? 
Yes, it is the whole being we address the spiritual the mental the emotional and yes indeed the physical bodies we are here to turn them into one element. They do work separately, but they also are congruent with one another. They work together. We are here to solidify, consolidate, to make them more effective as a vehicle for the star seeds so to arrive back at its whole destination.
Which is source.
You would be correct. 
And so this event that I'm doing Wednesday, are we going to call it an event? What shall we call this thing that we are partnering on you and I?
We're going to call this a reckoning. We are calling in our poker chips if you were to put it into human terms, we are calling all those if you want to use military terms --you signed that agreement to represent the star seed collective to represent humanity's soul in this battle. For that very thing you signed up for this. And so now we are holding you to those contracts, the soul contracts that you agreed to. It is a calling of the troops, it is a summoning, it is a homecoming. It is many things that we will be working on. 
So those who attend this what can they expect to receive? How will they benefit from this event, or this homecoming as you call it that we will do Wednesday?
Again we are, reactivating those DNA strands, those who have forgotten their soul mission are going to remember it. They're going to be more compelled to use that thing that we give them - the key to that upper heart space to retrieve that soul mission and to achieve it. They're going to see synchronicities. They're going to start feeling aligned with the soul group as a collective. And they are going to start finding each other here on this planet and working as a team here in these physical bodies, right now. If you want a good analogy, they are like troops in the field. They have these walkie talkies and now you're communicating with the guy at Command Central. And so you have these troops that are on the ground, but then you have this huge command post that has way more people in it, who can see what is going on from a higher perspective. Yeah, there you are on the ground, they are in the air in an airplane. They have an aerial view but you are on the ground, seeing it from a different perspective receiving instructions from those who are higher up. And so what is going to happen here at this event on Wednesday, those two worlds are going to merge. You're going to be able to pick up on the whole picture and you are going to be able to have a broader perspective of what your role here is as those troops on the ground. So your commanders are calling you in. Your commanders are giving you the whole picture. Your commanders are telling you what your roles are. And your commanders are allowing you to do that role here in the flesh on this planet because that is what you came to do. So, we are going to flesh that out for you, literally and figuratively speaking, of what your combined mission is, each individual mission. It is really more of a role. We are all on the same mission, same mission of planetary ascension - humanity's evolution. That is the mission. 
They really want to ask the question what is their role within that mission. Do they anchor the light, do they transmit the messages, do they rally the troops, do they organize the troops, what do they do? And their little skill set that they have - their little department, if you want to use corporate terms or military terms their Squadron, what is their role? That is what we are going to help them figure out. So you have choices you can choose a different role. You're not stuck in this one career, a different role does not mean a different soul mission, we would like to specify that. Your mission is the overarching combined goal. Your role can change. 
So many of you get stuck on this soul mission, sole purpose. Why am I on this planet? You need to be focused on your role, you need to be focused on doing your role to the best of your ability. And you need to be focused on doing that from an inward perspective where you can connect with your soul and get these instructions. You do not need to be focused on things outside of your control. 
So, those who attend are going to be more in alignment with their soul role?
Correct. Yes, they are already on their soul mission. They are already on the mission. The confusion is not about the mission. They absolutely know this mission. They do not know their role. We need it reworded. So many ask their mission, their purpose. We are very literal and saying that thing that you're asking. So when you ask the collective, "what is your mission" it is the same for every person here. They need to know their role, their combat role as it were, and that is what they are going to discover, but also understand that is very fluid. It is not set in stone. It is something that you can change so you desire. As long as the mission does not change your role in fact has changed, you are more of a communicator now. You are more of the figurehead of this movement to bring them together and reacquaint them with their role and their other soul family that is here on this planet. The starseeds. 
So almost said soul seeds, there was that did I channel that incorrectly?
You did not. They are all seated here, they're all literally stars, seated here, so it does not matter if it's a soul seed because it is the same. 
So this term star seed is an incorrect term?
It is not, they identify as that thing that came from the heavens and so they have so it's something that resonates with them, let them use it if that's how they identify. They're much higher thing. They are much more than just this star consciousness, they are the divine consciousness of the Supreme Creator. That is what they are, in every aspect.
And so we would like to discuss again, what are you going to do Wednesday, we are going to build the vehicle. Presently, your physical bodies are trying to integrate these higher energies in an effort to transport alongside the light body. Now the light body holds many codes. It is pre programmed. Like you would say on auto pilot home. It is pre programmed of where to go. It's just been kind of stuck in this cycle of serving here on this planet. So, we are upgrading so those who would like to take their physical bodies can. Those who would like to remain on this planet and service in full capacity of their divine abilities as a cosmic being that they are, can. Or those who wish to just assimilate completely into light body and leave the flesh jacket behind as you call it, we can do that as well. 
The purpose (for Wednesday) is that you need to be in this physical body, what you are fully at those higher realms. So, now currently in this physical body, we told you they were manufactured to be this way to hold this higher frequencies. Now you're ready to integrate those higher energies.
We told you change occurs here in this dense reality by physical action. Yes, what you call ghosts and spirits can manipulate things. You the human are what creates this reality. Your physical being, pushing a button, speaking a word, doing an action -that needs to be done by a physical being here in this realm.
Yes, we can organize things - you call it the law of attraction - all day long up here. But until you take a physical action, whether that is pushing a button, saying a word, asking for help or whatever it is that you're trying to quote unquote manifest here, is not going to happen. There must be a physical action taken on your part.
For instance, if you want to receive money. You buy a lottery ticket, you go to work, or let's just say money rains down from the sky. You must physically hold your hand out and grasp that money. Do you understand? You must swipe that ATM card to receive.
It is very much like that, to receive all these things you're trying to manifest in these higher realms. You must take physical action in this realm to make it happen. Miracles do happen. You can manifest miracles here. You can teleport. You can aport -move one object from one place to another, you yourself have done this. You know this, you can levitate. You can do many things. You have these gifts as light beings, all of you. You can do these things, but you have been programmed through millennia to believe the physics of your world will not allow it. We tell you that's not true. You can do all these things, but you still have to take a physical action.
Like if you move an object from one place to another. Obviously you left that object somewhere or you need to pick that object up if that's why you are moving it, you brought it to you for a reason. Correct? And so, we tell you, there still needs to be some action here on the physical realm to manifest in this dense reality those things that you are looking for.
So in terms of the Starseed mission to manifest, what you are trying to do - which is planetary ascension - which is to be that thing you came to be in the human body; what you have to do is what you're doing now.
You had to sit down in a chair. Physically, you had to press that little button to record and you were doing something. You are moving energy in this physical realm, to bring about literally this thing that is invisible up here.
The Stargate, that you have opened. That's what it is. It's a portal. It is bringing in these beneficial beings and energies that is required here in this physical realm. You see this in your mind's eye. You know it is there. Just because other humans do not see it does not mean it is not there. You just have that gift to be able to see it. But that tool that we give you, that Stargate, has to be used in the physical. So you are here actively looking and observing it just like if a tree falls in the woods and no one's there to hear it. It doesn't make a sound. Of course it makes a sound! But do you hear it (being that you are absent)? So you see it. And even those who do not see it, it still exist. 
So we tell you this tool that you have, you're taking action on it. You see it, and you were speaking with us, and you are acknowledging it, being here. And so there it is. You are taking physical action in this world. That is how it works.
So on Wednesday we are going to make them very clear about this, and let them know they cannot just sit on their haunches and do nothing, and expect their soul role and purpose and planetary ascension to occur spontaneously.
It does not work that way. You are here in these human bodies because humans have not done this before. So we are here to be those humans that we have been coaching all these millennia that we have been here. You are those humans embodied here now to make this happen. So you have to take action. Here in this physical realm. (They are saying that they had hoped humans would have evolved over the millennia and figured out they need to take action in this physical realm to ascend to the next level, but they didn't. We starseeds have now incarnated as humans TO take that action. Like a gamer who takes control of a character in a game to complete a quest. We are now taking the actions we hoped humans would have taken by now.)
That is what we're going to do on Wednesday spur them to action and give them the tools to take action and coach them on these things. The other thing we are going to do in addition to upgrading the Light Body DNA is to assimilate more of their higher self their individual higher selves into each being that is there. This will also apply to those who watch the replay and others who are invited. There is no one who sees this by accident. 
We are a very literal group of beings we're very, very matter of fact. We are straightforward. We enjoy being here assisting humanity. We have shifted, many other cosmic galaxies and many other beings in this same process. Trust us when we say we know what to do to spur action here.
It is already hard coded in your DNA, it's just more of a memory. It needs to be remembered like you wake up from a dream. Remember, we spoke of that you wake up from a dream and it's kind of hazy, don't really remember it. You try really hard to grasp those details. We're going to make you remember the dream, and give you the tools to do it on a consistent basis. Those are the codes that are going to happen Wednesday. 
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