Celestial Shaman Program

If you have found this page it is not a coincidence you are here. Your soul has quietly waited for you to reach a certain level of spiritual growth to retrieve all the wisdom, tools and divine gifts it has held for you in the higher realms. That is the journey of the Celestial Shaman. A journey back to soul to access memories and tools related to your soul purpose for this lifetime. You can learn more about what a celestial shaman is here.

Level One

In this foundational course, you will discover your soul's role within the Starseed Collective's Ascension mission. Understand the unique gifts you have to fulfill your role and learn how to use them.

Reina takes you on a guided journey to retrieve your personal "Master Key" which unlocks the treasure trove of memories, divine gifts and tools your soul has stored for you. Your guides will deliver light codes to activate new abilities or upgrade current ones. You will learn the techniques for safely communicating with your soul and Spirit guides.

Through light code transmissions and guided journeys, you will clear non-beneficial soul contracts, curses, traumas and energetic cords that may be keeping you shackled to negative repetitive patterns.

You will be introduced and attuned to your star family. These include your allies in the etheric realm as well as those here in this physical realm. Finally, you will learn the process for convincing ego to work in harmony with soul so that you can fully acknowledge, allow and accept you are ready to BE that which you are in the highest realms - an infinite soul of immense wisdom and power!