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I am your guide to exploring, expanding and embodying your soul's divine truth.


I'm Reina & This is My Story

During a shamanic journey in 2017, a beautiful blue Sirian being came to me. She said, “I am Elonjah of the Blue Star Tribe. Sirian Born. First Ray of the First Ray. Alpha Omega and all rays in between.” She proceeded to tell me she was one of my many soul aspects and that my mission is to equip starseeds for service and to let them know they were not alone.

Going through the process of re- integrating with my own soul at Source level into my 3D body, I realized the need for starseeds to have not only a support system but training in how to cope with that process. Along my journey, I have mentored and collaborated with leaders in the soul integration and healing field, mentored students myself and collaborated with others who share my same mission. I am constantly expanding my experience and knowledge on the subject of higher conscious integration.

The Future of Blue Star Tribe
Currently, Blue Star Tribe is my vehicle for training Celestial Shaman, providing soul readings and healings and is a source of information. In the future, this will change. I am working toward modifying it into a tribe of starseed service providers and business owners who want to do business with other starseeds. For example, a starseed can’t book a counseling session with just any psychologist, explain they are an ET in a human body and NOT expect eyebrows to raise LOL I want to create a place where starseeds and those who work with starseeds can promote their services and shop for services without judgement.

My Education & Training

I am an experienced trance channel who now embodies that which I channel – my soul at Source level. I have the ability to connect with the soul of others (including animals) as well as channel information from sources such as the Starseed Collective Consciousness, Christ Consciousness and Divine Mother.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher and a formally trained Incan shaman, having received all nine Munay-ki Rites (including the creator rites) through mentor Julie Bell.

I have a Bachelors in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and am currently working toward my Ph.D. I mentored with Ahni Atkins, who is a shamanic practitioner and amazing medium with extensive training at Lily Dale and the venerable Arthur Findlay Institute. I mentored with Eva Marquez to become a Certified Soul Healer.

As mentioned earlier, I now embody Spirit so my training now comes in the form of channeled messages and light code activations. Spirit has given me this training so that I may train others, which I am actively doing online and at retreats throughout the country.

I am also a graphic and web designer as well as co-owner of Emerge Multimedia, a full service digital marketing company. I teach marketing at the local college. This background allows me to teach other healers how to effectively market their own services.

Personal Life

I was born, raised and currently live in the foothills of the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains. I’m about 45 minutes south of Asheville in an eclectic little town called Tryon. I’ve been married 10 years to Chris, who is a wood sculptor and sawyer. Together we operate his business, Mill on Wheels which is a mobile saw mill. He specializes in helping landowners incorporate trees from their property in building their home or other outdoor structures. We have two grown sons, a grown daughter and a teenage daughter (who lives with us). We also have a lazy basset hound (Pepper), one ridicuously spoiled cat (Felix) and Remi, a german shepherd puppy (and starseed) who is convinced the cat is plotting to murder us all lol.
I’m a crystal and book hoarder. I love travel, adventure, exploring, hiking and anything that expands my knowledge (typical Sagitarrius). I have a sarcastic sense of humor and sometimes people don’t know how to take me LOL

I love my spiritual work so it doesn’t seem like work to me but when I’m not “working”, I like to escape the real world and log into Guild Wars or World of Warcraft. Tyria and Azeroth have been my home away from home since it launched. I’ve made lifelong friends in my virtual world and oddly, the characters I play mirror the roles I play in real life. I have a shaman, a priest (healer) and mage (which opens portals like we do in Celestial Shamanism). I play both Horde and Alliance characters but deep down, “I’m For the Horde!” (if you’re into WoW you’ll know what that means : ) )