Channeled Guidance for Clarity and Confidence

Feeling stuck in your career, relationships or spiritual progress? Intuitively, you may "feel" what the right course of action is but are still hesitant to make a move. Booking a one-on-one session with me will give you the answers and insights you need to move forward with confidence and clarity.

60 Min Private Session with Reina

Wondering what your soul mission or purpose is and if you are on the right path to achieving it? Feel like you are on the cusp of change or a major decision and need guidance from your higher self? Book this session.

During this 60 min Zoom session, I connect directly with your soul and Spirit guides to channel information, activate divine gifts and facilitate healing (if needed). This session is like a two way conversation with your soul where you can ask questions and get real time answers. We can discover what your soul mission is, what is blocking you from achieving it and what your unique gifts are. You may also be given specific ways your guides are communicating with you as well which guides are currently assisting you.

$100 Book Now

30 Min Private Session with Reina

This session is for those who need quick guidance on personal matters or have questions about Celestial Shamanism in general.

If you have not had a 60 minute session with me before, this shorter, less expensive session will be a good introduction to how I work and the effectiveness of the results we achieve working together.



$50 Book Now