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This is a time of planetary ascension. You know this, you can feel it.

Wondering what your part is in the ascension? What your soul mission or purpose is and if you are on the right path to achieving it? Feel like you are on the cusp of change or a major decision and need guidance from your higher self?

All of us can communicate with our higher self, our spirit guides and other divine, evolved energies. Myself, I have spent many years learning to do just that.


How fast do you want to get there?


Membership in the Blue Star Tribe guides you at your pace to discover what your soul mission is, what is blocking you from achieving it and what your unique gifts are.

There is personalized learning with an eye toward understanding your soul purpose to grow your knowledge of and confidence in your own gifts. More importantly you will learn how to use your skills in a way that naturally elevates joy and healing in your own life and the lives of others.


What You Get with Membership


By becoming a member, you can participate with a tribe of like-minded people. Your Blue Star Tribe is a place where starseeds and those who work with starseeds can communicate their experiences, elevate their frequencies, promote and seek guidance without judgement.

Depending on which level you choose, you have access to selected channeled sessions, online courses and resources. 

You will have access to: 

  • Live channeled sessions to receive light codes, get the latest updates from the highest realms, and ask questions to hear guidance specific to you.
  • Online library of resources and channeled sessions to listen to as often as you want 
  • Courses to master your understanding of the changes going on within you and around you.
  • Guided meditations to quickly focus your mindful attention to the matter at hand, connecting with your spirit guides, understanding and overcoming past trauma, etc.
  • The Blue Star Tribe Directory putting you in contact with a myriad of starseed service providers and business owners who understand and want to do business with other starseeds.
  • Reina, herself, through member only discounts for readings and mentorships.



Dip Your Toe In

  • Replay of one Channeled event per month (added within 48 hrs after event)
  • Two guided MP3 meditations (your choice)
  •  Two mini courses (your choice)
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Next Level

All Awakened level perks plus resources to take you to the next level.

  • Access to Reina's live group channeling sessions with Q & A
  • Access to replay vault of past sessions
  • Monthly guided meditation download
  • Exclusive Activated-only content
  • Blue Star Tribe Private Facebook Group
  • Listing in the Blue Star Tribe Business Directory to promote your business or find other starseeds businesses
  • 10% discount on private session with Reina (one discounted session per month)
  • 10% discount on online courses and programs
  • 10% discount on in-person and online special events
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Your VIP All-Access Pass

All Activated level perks + everything but the kitchen sin.....wait..nope...there it is. We threw that in, too.

  • 10 % discount on private sessions with Reina (unlimited uses with active membership)
  • One new online Mini-Course per month
  • Access to archives with guided meditations, bonus content and other tools in the online portal
  • Early Bird access to online events: Host will allow you in 30 minutes early to socialize
  • 10% discount on Reina's Celestial Shaman Mentorship Program (Group or Individual Mentorship) 
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